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Midweek makeup

I’ve been having a pretty good joggling training week right up until today. That is not saying much as this is Wednesday, the third day of the week by my count. But I try to stay positive so let’s review.

Sure Sunday’s heat-shortened long run was a bummer but on Monday I joggled like a champ. I put in a solid 4 miles on the treadmill and I did it in 30 minutes.

Tuesday was a speed workout done completely on the treadmill. It would probably work better on a track but there isn’t one close to my house so I do what I can. The semi-joggling speed workout went like this.

Start joggling for 2 miles at 7.9 pace.

Next, increase treadmill pace to 9.7 and run for 1.5 miles. No joggling during this phase.

Stop for a brief time (30 seconds) to get some water and run another 1 mile at a 9.8 pace.

Stop for another drink of water (30 seconds) and run again 0.5 miles at 10.0 pace.

Finish the workout with a 1 mile joggle at an 8.0 pace for the first half mile and an 8.6 pace the last half mile. The latter pace is what I anticipate joggling the marathon at.

Treadmill jogglingSure I would’ve liked to run all the speed work without the water breaks but that’s where I am in my training. It’s tough to run faster than usual.

Today, I was supposed to make-up a few miles with a 5 mile joggle. However, there were a bunch of people playing basketball and I couldn’t resist the temptation. I skipped the run to play basketball for an hour. Sure I should’ve change out of my Brooks Adrenaline shoes and into my Reebok Ultras but I didn’t remember to bring the old Reeboks. I’ve gotta stop doing that! I didn’t much mind skipping the running as I can make up the miles on Friday. That’s supposed to be a rest day but I’ll pretend that today was my rest day. I’m still 8 miles short from Sunday’s run but I may never get a chance to make it up. Oh well. Marathon times are never made or lost because of 8 miles

Tomorrow is another speed workout. I’m supposed to do a tempo run that will last for 30 minutes. This time I’ll skip basketball for sure and joggle my way through lunch. Running at lunchtime is a great way to make the workday fly by. Someday I’d like to have a job where I don’t want the day to fly by. Some people have those kinds of jobs, right?

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