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Running and Juggling Streak 1 Year Anniversary

Today is January 14th and when I joggle my 2 miles later in the day, it will be the 365th day in a row of joggling. That also means the joggling streak can become officially listed onjoggling running juggling streak the United States Running Streak Association website. Whoo hoo! Right now there are 161 running streaks registered although I doubt any of them are joggling streaks.

Joggling Streak Stats

As you may know, I’m a bit of a data recorder. I keep track of lots of things which is why a joggling streak fits right in with my personality. Here are some of the stats collected over the course of this streak.

Miles = 1817.5
Time = 249 hours, 49 minutes or 10 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes
Shoes = 4 pairs
Bean Bags = 2 sets

Outside = 217 times
Treadmill = 148 times

Approximate juggling throws = 2,548,130

Joggling streak thoughts

I’ve enjoyed keeping this streak alive. Physically, my legs and body were much more sore than they used to be, but that could just be because I’m getting old. If you are going to start a joggling / running streak, prepare for more pain. The good news is that after the first 50 days you just get used to the pain and it isn’t so bad anymore.

From a speed standpoint, a streak is probably not the greatest idea. All the running books say your body needs rest to repair muscles and I agree with them. My speed has certainly slowed this year. Most of that drop off has come in the last 2 months. That could be the effects of the 50 miler however, so I’ll reserve judgment about whether the streak has slowed me down.

Another thing about the streak is you shouldn’t expect to lose weight. I actually gained weight. My mother-in-law suggested I should skip the post workout candy bars. Perhaps she’s right. Then again, maybe I can keep eating candy bars and forego the 400+ beers I had during the streak.

The future of the Streak

The most common question people ask is when will you quit? I’ve asked myself this too. The original goal was just to joggle everyday for a year. As that day comes and goes, I just don’t feel like quitting. Since my training for the London Marathon calls for running every day, I guess I can go at least until then (April 13). Or maybe I’ll go until day 444. That seems amusing enough.

Anyway, the streak will continue. How long? I don’t know.

Joggle on.

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  1. Congrats on the streak Perry. It’s very impressive. There were definitely days that keeping the streak alive was quite challenging but you always found a way. I do hope you rest soon though, you seem to be groaning a lot more these days due to the pain.:)

  2. Perry, you did it! I had my doubts, but you pulled through for a whole year. I take at least one day off from running every week, and I haven’t joggled in about a month, so I find this mightily impressive.

    Your headline says Running and Joggling “Steak” 1 Year Anniversary. Maybe you’re gaining weight from eating too many joggling steaks?

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