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Something to Think About When Exercising

Here’s a thought exercise you can use to pass time while you’re joggling, driving in the car or otherwise engaged in something requiring little mental activity.

I have this friend who has the interesting habit of alphabetizing any word she hears.  You can tell her a word and she’ll spell it back for you with the letters in alphabetical order.  It’s quite a skill.  This is an amusing enough thing to do but try this twist.

Mind Letter Game

Starting with a 2 letter word, come up with words in which the letters are in alphabetical order. I’ve been able to get a 6-letter word but not 7 or higher. Can you?


2 letter word = IT
3 letter word = BET
4 letter word = ACES
5 letter word = CHINS
6 letter word = ACCENT

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  1. Perry,
    doing this will drive me crazy!
    dgion hist illw deirv em acryz!

    Perry, what do you use to keep track of your workouts and miles?
    I’m looking for a decent database that gives me month and week totals and averages. I’ve done something in MS excell which I use, but looking for something more user friendly.

    ANyone with any program or excell spreadsheet they use, please mail met at

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