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South African Joggling Jots

Friend and fellow international joggler Hendrick recently completed his second jogglingsan diego joggling 10K. He heard many different comments and came up with a list of responses that any joggler could use.

Joggling Responses

As a joggler, you’ll get lots of comments from spectators and other runners. See this previous post for a list of the most common quotes heard while joggling.  Hendrick suggests a few responses to things people tell a joggler.

1. “I paid for a 2 hour run, and fill it with juggling to get the best value for my buck”

2. On one of those rare occasions that you drop in front of spectators, while you pick up the balls look at one of them and say, “Now see what you did!? You gave me stage fright!”

3. After someone tells you that they think your balls are slowing you down say, “I don’t see any of the race leaders complaining about their balls slowing them down.”

4. When someone asks how you do it, tell them, “I throw, I catch, I throw, I catch”

5. When someone asks you if you’ve dropped yet, look at them and intentionally drop a ball. Look at them sheepishly and say, “well, not until just now.”

6. When someone asks if you’ve juggled the entire way (and you didn’t) just say “Yes, but some of my catches were much longer than others.”

If you have some other responses to things you heard while joggling, juggling or running, leave a comment and let the rest of the JYAJ community know.

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