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The Great Midwest Relay – That’s a lot of money

After my last run, it was off to Zion, Illinois for breakfast.  The Star Lite restaurant was the lone choice.  Fortunately, Applebees was closed.  Kudos to the Star Lite because they had a pretty good breakfast, but more importantly they freely gave up their electricity to power my phone.  Not enough to start posting again but enough to take phone calls.

A joggler’s breakfast included

1.  Two eggs over easy
2.  Two fluffy pancakes with butter and maple syrup
3.  Two pieces of perfectly cooked bacon
4.  Two pieces of sausage
5.  Side of undercooked hash browns (bleah)
6.  Diet Pepsi

Thumbs up overall but when asking for a second re-fill of the soda, I was told they would have to “charge full price which is $1.60 and that’s a lot of money.”  I skipped it and got a Diet Vanilla Coke Zero at the grocery store.  That was only $1.42.  “…a lot of money” indeed!

After restocking our Gatorade and water stores we went to the last transition area and waited and waited and waited.  We all took short naps on the library parking lot.  We were still like cold-blooded amphibians warming ourselves in the sun.  I didn’t sleep much.

To pass time, I played a bit more on the ukulele (American Girl), threw a Frisbee, juggled and played a little foot bag.  Turns out the Brewmaster has some foot bagging skills.

Around 12:15 pm, Mora entered the transition area and my van was up.  She gave us about a 5 minute lead on the only other team still with us.  That gave us our goal for the race…avoid being the last team to finish.

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