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Things to expect on your first post-marathon run

Yesterday, I went on my first run after the marathon. It was a joggling run of just over 3san diego and a half miles. Here’s the running path I took. Typically, I like to get the first run in the Wednesday following the marathon, but this time I tried something different.

When you finish your marathon (or any significantly long run) you might experience some of the following things.

  1. Sore joints. Of course your muscles will be sore but so will your joints.
  2. Chafing discovery. You probably have chafing in areas that aren’t obvious except when you’re running. On your first run out, you may discover some painful areas of which you weren’t aware.
  3. Lack of energy. It takes a couple of weeks before you completely get your energy back. Don’t expect your first run back to be fast. Get out and enjoy it.
  4. Slowness. You posted a great time in the marathon and now you’re running a minute a mile slower. Don’t worry. This won’t last more than a couple of weeks.
  5. New pains. I almost never have pain in my knees. But now, a few days out from the marathon, my knee is hurting after I run. That just means a longer break from running is needed. This week, it’ll be all biking for me. Try cross-training for at least a week or two after a marathon.

After all the training and marathon running you’ve done, you might be tempted to just stop running completely. Well, don’t do it because next year when you get the bug to run another marathon, it’ll be hard to get back into shape. Feel free to take some time off. But get back out on the road soon. Holidays are an excellent time to keep running and joggling.

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