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Unbeatable Joggling Banzuke

While joggling today around the streets of Toronto (I’m on vacation) I had an inspiration for a new joggling competition.

Are you familiar with the television show Unbeatable Banzuke?  It’s a compelling show.  Contestants try to go through an obstacle course while riding unicycles, walking on their hands, riding BMX bikes, pogo sticks, stilts, etc.

So, while joggling I thought it would be fun to do a joggling obstacle course like the Unbeatable Banzuke.

First, the rules.

Joggling Banzuke rules

1.  You must be juggling the entire time.  (At least one ball in the air at all times)
2.  If you drop, you’re out.
3.  Races would be timed.

Joggling Banzuke challenges

There were a couple of obstacles that I was able to do today.  Feel free to suggest your own.

Joggling Slalom – This is where you joggle while running around poles.  Just like the slalom in skiing.

Joggling Swing – You juggle while swinging on a swing.

Joggling Trampoline – You juggle while bouncing on a tampoline.

Joggling Stairs – You joggle up and down stair obstacles.

I’ve got more ideas and will even record some videos of doing it.  If you have other ideas, leave a comment below.

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  1. What about juggling hurdles, where you throw a ball over a high tree branch that hangs over the sidewalk? I’m not sure where, but I think I might have posted this somewhere else a while ago 🙁

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