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Top 25 Resources For Learning How To Juggle

We spend a lot of time on this blog giving tips on how to run and how to joggle. Well, herejuggling and eating is a resource for all the casual jugglers and juggler wannabes out there.

Learn to juggle resources

1. Juggling is a snap. They’ve changed it a bit since I first reviewed this juggling tutorial and it is much better. Complete with videos. The only issue is that you’ve got to registerand read a bunch of stuff because it is a graduate student’s experiment. But the teaching technique is excellent.

2. IJDB database tutorial – This is a complete compendium of juggling information from the European Juggling Association. As the site says “If you can learn to tie your shoe-laces or how to ride a bike, then you can learn to juggle!”.

3. World Juggling Federation – Here is a free video from Jason Garfield showing and instructing you on how to juggle. Jason is one of the best in the world and he is a talented teacher.

4. IJA juggling links – This site provides a listing (some are here too) of sites to learn 3-ball juggling. But even better is the fact that it has links to tutorials on other types of juggling skills like clubs, rings, devil sticks, etc.

5. JuggleWiki – Here is a site that has lots of different tricks to learn but you can start out with their beginning juggling tutorial. You can follow the computer animated stick figure and really learn the patterns.

6. FunnyJuggler – A nice site with animated juggling instructors to give you the basic pattern. Also has tricks and tips on learning 4 balls. Best is a free pdf instruction sheet you can use when you’re away from your computer.

7. Jugglingworld – This one gives you the basic lesson for 3-balls but also has some instruction on different types of prop manipulation.

8. Vete’s Juggling page – Standard animated hands show you how to juggle. This one is notable because it also shows you how to juggle 4 and 5 balls.

9. Turnbridge Wells Juggling Club – Not the best tutorial on this list but it does give you the basics (without pictures or animation). However, it also gives you a whole bunch of different tricks to try which makes it much more useful for advanced 3-ball jugglers.

10. YoYo Guy – The basic tutorial with useful pictures. If the animations in the other sites don’t work for you, maybe these silhouettes will. Also gives some solutions to common beginner problems.

11. Jack Kalvan juggling – Here’s a professional juggler that tells you how to do it. Real basic info here and only has static images for demonstration. There are some tips here that could prove useful.

12. Fleeting glimpse – Nice step-by-step instructions. A couple of animated hands show you where the balls are supposed to go. There are even animated instructions for juggling 4 balls.

13. The Jim Show – Downloadable, entertaining videos that show you exactly how to juggle. “5 videos pretty much guaranteed to teach you how to juggle three balls.”

14. Wildcat Juggler tutorial – Great site with a beginning juggling section that shows a video of a real person throwing a ball exactly how you are supposed to throw it (and how you shouldn’t). After you’ve mastered 3-balls, you can follow the tutorials on juggling 4, 5 and even clubs. Great resource.

15. Funny how to juggle video – Amusing and accurate. Probably not the best option for learning to juggle but it’s entertaining.

16. Simple juggling animation – This is an oldie but still gives the basic pattern for 3 balls.

17. Wikihow How to Juggle – Not a bad description but light on illustrations. The best part is the tips provided at the end.

18. – A nice description of how to juggle. Most of the other resources listed are a bit better. However, this site is a juggling store so you can find equipment here too.

19. Mark Nizer juggling – Here’s another juggling pro who explains how to juggle. The illustrations/animations are not as nice as some of the other sites but he provides some useful tips not found elsewhere.

20. Bruce Van Patter juggling tips – Learn to juggle in three simple steps by following this animated bear. Kids might find this version fun. He gets the basics right.

21. Juggling on the videopedia – Here is a nice 3 minute video that describes exactly how to juggle. White balls make it easy to see what he’s doing.

22. eHow to juggle – Just a description of how to juggle. It has some useful tips and provides the correct instruction. Not much else here though.

23. New Orleans jugglers – Typical description of the basic 3-ball cascade pattern. This site is included because it also gives instruction on juggling 4, 5-balls and bouncing juggling patterns.

24. Juggling101 – Very nice collection of instructional videos. Animation on the videos makes the instructions incredibly useful. They are a little short so they might not provide as much useful info as some of the other videos listed.

25. Learn to juggle video – This one is just ok. Other videos are better. The only thing about this one is that it starts you off with juggling 2 in one hand. This is an interesting approach that may be helpful to some people. Most people don’t teach this trick right away.

There you have it. Check out these FREE resources and practice one snowy or rainy weekend. In less than an hour you should be juggling. Combine it with your running and you’ll be a full-fledged joggler too!

And if you are in the New York area, be sure to check out this juggling resource.

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  1. It sure was nice that you shared different sites that I can visit if I wanted to learn how to juggle. I liked the Juggling is a snap site because you said that it is complete with tutorial and videos that are easy to follow. That is good to know because I intend to buy juggling sticks soon. I plan on learning how to do perform a good juggle because my brother is asking me to do it for his coming fifth birthday.

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