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Want to live longer – try juggling

One of my personal goals is to live until I’m 107. (to see why go to the end of the post). juggling ghost runningPreviously I had written about research showing juggling is good for your brain. But the good folks over at Laughter Works have a slew of interesting articles related to juggling and improvements in health, creativity, and overall happiness.

The most interesting fact I found was that juggling could actually help you live longer. They suggest that people in occupations where lots of upper body motion is required live an average of 5 years longer than others. And I can use every little bit to get myself to 107.

Why live to 107?

Why 107? Well, that will be the year 2076 and also the United States’ tricentennial. In 1976, they issued special bicentennial quarters with a little drummer on the back. Ever since I’ve been saving them. I figure by the time the tricentennial rolls around all those bicentennial quarters that I have kept will be worth millions! So, that’s why I want to live to 107. Just so I can cash in. And I’d like to live through October. That way I can see who wins the World Series.

Joggling update

Today is the Shamrock Shuffle 8K! The weather looks pretty good and I’m feeling good. Now let’s see if my legs, lungs, and brain want to get together and set a PR.

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