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What Does Joggling 20 Miles Do to Your Body?

In 15 minutes, I’ll be venturing out on my last 20-mile joggling run before the Chicago Marathon.  I thought it would be interesting to do a before and after look at certain body/mind statistics.

Before running

Before running 20 miles

Weight = 190.8 lbs
Beer Belly waist = 36.5 in
Heart rate = 72 bpm
Temperature = 97.1 F
Pains:  No obvious soreness.

When I got back I took my measurements again.

Immediately After 20 miles

Weight = 185.8 lbs
Beer belly waist = 36.0 in
Heart rate = 112 bpm
Temperature = 97.5
Pains:  Lots including the following.

  1. Eyes were burningAfter joggling 20 miles
  2. Feet were sore
  3. Sore butt
  4. Sore lower back
  5. Sore shoulders
  6. Sore neck
  7. Sore left knee cap
  8. Cotton mouth

Next Morning

Weight:  188.8 lbs
Pains:  General soreness in legs.  It was a challenge to get out of bed.

By the next evening, I felt fine.  Tomorrow, my training schedule calls for some joggling sprints.

What did we learn?

After joggling 20 miles, you can expect your heart rate to increase, lose some weight, and increase your body temperature.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget being in pain for 24 hours.  It’s like getting hit with a wrecking balm.

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  1. What’s your time/pace goal for this marathon?
    With your present training program do you do your long runs at an easy pace, close to goal pace, or at goal pace?

  2. Dream goal is sub 3:15 (possible)
    More reasonable goal is sub 3:20 (very possible)
    Disappointment time >3:30

    See my next post. I’m following the FIRST training program this time. Long runs are done at about 8 min/mile. Short runs are done much faster (7min/mile).

    My half-marathon time was just slightly slower than Marathon dream goal pace. Right on for reasonable goal pace.

  3. Perry,
    Nice before and after thing.
    From the photo It looks like you actually gained weight.

    You should move to a decimalic country. It is much more impressive running 32k than 20m.

    Losing that much weight during a run is surprising. Maybe you are dot drinking enough.
    I never loose more than 1-2kg. (the decimal thing again I guess)

  4. Must’ve been all the water & the slightly different positioning of the camera. I agree, I wish our country would’ve gone metric when we said we were going to. As a scientists, I appreciate it much more.

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