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How To Find A Joggling Path Near You

The other day, I was scheduled to do a joggling speed workout. It was supposed to feature two 1600 meterjuggling the planet runs at a 6:30/mile pace with an 800m easy run in between.

In my pre-retired days, it would’ve been easy enough to just get on the treadmill and do the distances there. But I don’t have treadmill access anymore so I have to improvise.

Enter Google Maps

The first thing I needed to do was find a track to run on. I knew of a couple in the city but I didn’t know where the closest one to my house was. So, I just went to Google Maps and just searched around my neighborhood until I found a track. You have to use Satellite View.

The closest one wasn’t a regular track so I used to calculate the distance. It worked like a charm!

If you ever need to find a place in your city or measure the distance, the combination of Google Maps and works great.

Joggle on

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  1. I used to dread going out for a bike ride to mark out new courses, especially over grass. One day I had an imaginative idea that google earth may have a measuring tool or something. I went on google earth and I found it! I have marked out about 10 or 15 courses with it in places that a bike would never survive.

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