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What’s Your Healthy Weight?

Here is a handy weight tool for anyone who is interested in how much the “experts” think you should weigh.

Just put in your height and it will tell you how much you should weigh.

I’m right at the top of the healthy weight range (189 lbs).  Not the way to be a fast joggler.

And try out this tool if you want to know your BMI.   I don’t put much faith in BMI but it is a good general guide to tell you whether you are at a healthy weight or not.  Ideally, you’ll be at the lowest end of the BMI chart.  Unfortunately, I’m at the highest end.  Proof positive that running alone won’t necessarily help you lose weight.

Running alone won’t help you lose weight

And for a couple more tools, check out this weight post.

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  1. I like that tool much better than BMI 🙂 BMI is known for not taking into account body composition. I’m living on the edge of obesity!!

  2. Essentially, the “handy weight tool” shows the BMI range for healthy weight for a given height. At 5’10”, this tool shows my healthy weight range to be 129-174. That’s a pretty broad range for healthy weight. I suspect, though, that given my overall body build, 129# would be unhealthy for me. I’m currently in the 174-180 range, depending on when I weigh. I run 30-35 miles per week, so I’m pretty confident I’m healthy even though I would like to consistently weigh in the 168-174 range.

    IMHO, charts like the BMI should be taken as guidelines, not absolutes. With that perspective, they’re very useful.


  3. I agree that BMI is just a guide. It’s best to get to a weight which makes you feel good and stay there. Of course, if you want to be a fast joggler, it’ll easier if you’re on the low end of the weight range.

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