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Think your way to better joggling

juggling with a chickenHere’s something that might help improve your joggling and running. According to researchers at Hull University, thinking about your muscles while lifting weights actually increases strength. In the study, they were able to show there was more electrical activity in the biceps when subjects thought about what their muscles were doing instead of visualizing weight lifting. Of course, the results are only preliminary, but jogglers and runners alike can experiment.

Here’s two things you can do right now.

1. During strength training. Whenever you are lifting weights, think about the muscles while you do it. This could help you get stronger without making the weightlifting harder.

2. When you are stretching. Despite the fact that stretching remains unproven, it can help improve your flexibility. While in a stretch think about the muscles. This may increase flexibility more quickly.

A word of caution. Visualizing what your muscles are doing could actually reduce your juggling ability. Avoid using this technique when trying to get better at juggling. Researchers have previously shown that visualizing yourself juggling is a much better method than thinking about your muscles.

See this previous post for more tips on what to think about while running or joggling.

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  1. When I juggle a pattern that I have down solid my mind wanders a lot. When I am attempting a new pattern, I feel like I really have to focus, but sometimes I surprise myself with success when I’m not paying attention and I suddenly realize that I have just accomplished a difficult juggling feat without realizing it. I then try it again, but pay attention and I am unable to repeat the performance. Maybe I just got lucky.

  2. Scientists would say don’t think about things when you’re trying a new skill. For a thing like lifting weights (building muscle) I guess it’s different. I always find that if I stop doing something and go back to it the next day, I’m much better. I wonder why that is.

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