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Push up Challenge Update

At the beginning of the year the Brewmaster and I started a program where we would do push-ups equal to

pushup challenge

the number of day of the year. So, on January 1 we did 1 push-up, February 1 we did 32 (it’s the 32nd day of the year). I kept it up for 94 days. On the 95th day, I missed. I don’t remember why but it was my birthday. I kept at it intermittently for the next couple of weeks but eventually abandoned it on day 115.  I’ve continued to do push-ups but now don’t do more than 40 or so at a time.

Perhaps the push-up challenge was just too much.  I’ve only done 7100 of the 24,000 or so that I’ve supposed to have done by now.

But I’m looking to get back into it.  So, here is a new challenge. This site gives a specific training program that can get you up to 100 pushups in just 6 weeks. The most I was able to do without stopping was 58 so this should be a nice challenge.

Improving your core strength is important for jogglers as it will help build endurance and make long distance running less stressful. It will also come in handy when you try some of the Joggling Banzuke stunts I have planned.

If you want a new push-up challenge, start with this test first.

My initial ranking is a 5.

What’s yours?

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  1. Great photo! I’ve been working on the 100 push-up program for about 6 weeks and can say that it seems to be working. I started being able to do about 25 push ups, and I’ve repeated a couple of weeks because I felt I wasn’t quite there yet. This weekend I’ll begin the Week 5 plan which looks tough.

  2. I haven’t done the max test in a few weeks – I’ll do it again on Friday before week 5 starts. My first level now has me doing 30 which isn’t a problem, so I would guess I can do at least 50.

    BTW – you’ve got a great blog. I actually met you very briefly before the ’06 Chicago marathon. We discussed ultrarunning briefly. I’m sure it was more memorable for me (meeting the joggler) than you (meeting one of the 35K marathoners). That was a good day for me, it was a PR and I qualified for Boston which I got to run this year.

    I’ll be running Chicago this year for my 5th time.

  3. Perry, it wouldn’t be you without some kind of challenge for yourself. BTW – who is the kid in the pic? Your new neice?

  4. OK, since I also dropped the ball on the pushup-a-day thing, I’m in for this challenge also. I wasn’t quite as consistent as your streak but I did over 100 in a day a few times.

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