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5 Joggling Lessons Learned on Vacation

As you may or may not have noticed, last week was vacation week for Just Your Average Joggler. I was going to try and post updates but the truth is, it’s tough to get anything done when you are on vacation. What’s not tough however, is learning new things that could be applicable to jogglers everywhere.

Joggling Lessons

Lesson #1You’re workouts won’t be as good.
There’s something about vacation that makes you lazy. Perhaps it’s all the rest, the swimming, or the dinners out every night. If you’re like me, you’ll just find it tough to push yourself. Don’t worry. Just get your miles in even if they are slow. Enjoy the scenery and the fact that you are on vacation.

Lesson #2 You’ll find it hard to get motivated.
There were days that I just didn’t feel like working out. I was on vacation after all and part of me wanted a vacation from everything (even joggling). Most people feel like this on vacation. However, the joggling streak still motivates me and I’m happy to report it is alive and well. In fact, on vacation I joggled over 60 miles. But motivation was a challenge. Here’s a tip, if you don’t feel like running put on your workout clothes anyway. This was usually all the inspiration I needed.

Lesson #3Try something new to re-energize your juggling and running.
To fight the tendency to become lazy on vacation you can take the opportunity to try new things. One day I actually spent time trying 5-ball joggling. Barry Goldmeier joggles all his marathons this way but I had never really tried. A beach is a perfect place for such experiments. I was actually able to make it over 100 yards without a drop. However, an entire marathon that way seems incredibly difficult. I’ve got a new level of respect for Barry.

Lesson #4 Don’t run with the wind at the start of a run.
Joggling on the beach is great fun but it was windy. One day I made the mistake of running the first half of my workout with the wind. When I turned around to go back the wind pushed the energy right out of me. That was tough. Now, I know you have to run into the wind when you have energy. Let the wind carry you back when you don’t.

Lesson #5East coast beaches are better (to run on anyway).
In Chicago, we’ve got the beaches of Lake Michigan. The sand never gets very hard except near the shoreline. In Hilton Head, SC, the sand gets packed down during low tide and it provides an excellent running surface. Cushiony but not too slippery. Add in the sounds of the waves and wildlife and you’ve got a great setting for a long joggling run. You can even give backwards joggling a try without much worry.

Vacation was great but I’m happy to be back. Now maybe I can start getting some more quality joggling workouts in. Of course, business dictates that there won’t be a really good workout until Wednesday. With 7 weeks until the 50-miler, this is not a great time to rest up the legs.

Oh yes, just one bonus lesson…

Lesson #6 Don’t let your mother-in-law do your running laundry.
It can make for embarrassing moments at dinner.  For example…

“Honey, I washed some of your underwear with Perry’s running clothes.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did.”

“No, those were actually mine,” I chimed in.

“Oh…”, said mother-in-law with a puzzled, yet confused look on her face.

“They’re really good for running!”

“Ok…” she says unconvinced.

“No really. They’re men’s underwear!”

“Ok…” still with the puzzled, yet concerned look.

I look to my wife for consolation.  She gives a wry, amused smile.

Maybe I should just get rid of those pairs.  I’m certainly no European swimmer.

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  1. That was a hilarious moment – I do think my Mom is a bit concerned about your choice in undergarments.:) It was nice to have somebody do your laundry though since I won’t do it! Your running clothes stink!

  2. Shannon, you’re married to a cross-dressing joggler!

    But really, I actually get my parents to import men’s athletic underwear from Germany (my dad often goes there for work). There’s nothing like it. I considered started up an import business for “runderwear” because they’re so hard to find in North America.

  3. That is probably the best story yet and the best lesson learned ever! Thanks for sharing your embarassing moment! And, just for the record – I don’t do my husband’s laundry either – and he’s not a runner!

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