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What Happened To Your Motivation – And How Do You Get It Back

Lately, the posting here on JYAJ has been really sparse. It’s not that there isn’t much to write about, it’s just that vacation and work traveling has really made it tough. Tough incarrot juggling motivation terms of time available but also tough in terms of motivation.

With the Chicago Marathon only 3 weeks away, a motivation lull is not surprising. Anytime I’ve had a big race, I’ve had a dip in my motivation a few weeks before. I don’t know why but I feel it. Just don’t be surprised if you feel one too.

Recapturing your joggling motivation

Previously we’ve discussed how to get motivated to exercise. Here are a couple of things you can do to help recapture your motivation. I hope they work for me.

Just Do It.  You don’t feel like joggling today?  Do it anyway.  Your actions can actually change the way you feel.  It’s true.  Try smiling right now.  Keep holding that smile.  Soon, you’ll start to feel different…happier.  Your actions change your emotions.  So, if you feel unmotivated to go running or juggling, just do it anyway.  How?  Well, try the following 2 joggling motivation exercises.

Juggling motivation exercise:
Pick up a bean bag, throw it in the air and catch it.  Do this 44 times.  Go get a few more bean bags and start juggling.  The motivation should be back by now.

Running motivation exercise:
Get up from the couch or chair and run to another room.  Go as fast as you can.  It may only be 3 steps but make them count.  Then run back to the couch.  Do this 4 times, then go get your running clothes on.  You’ve already started running, you might as well keep going.

10 Tips.  The good folks over at Run the Planet have these 10 tips to stay motivated to run.

1.  Set a goal
2.  Keep a running log.  (I keep one at Cool Running)
3.  Run with a partner
4.  Surround yourself with reminders.
5.  Make your workouts creative (by joggling perhaps)
6.  Do more than just running
7.  Go to a running store
8.  Set completion goals (start a Sienfeldian Chain)
9.  Do a weekend race.  (I’m doing the Bucktown 5K next weekend)
10.  Reward yourself when you succeed.

And if lack of time is hampering your joggling and exercise motivation check out these 20 tips for everyday workouts.

How do the rest of you get motivated?

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