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6 things that will make you faster

The thing is that I’m not unhappy with my recent marathon times (3:28 & 3:24) but they are not even close to the world record. Michal and Zach have just set the bar so high. However, I believe it’s possible to get faster and that’s what I intend to do. Being a scientist I conclude that the way to get faster is to do a little research and learn something new.To that end, I found this article by Dr. Mel Williams entitled “Can You Improve Your Marathon Time?” It gives the following tips for getting faster.

1. Follow scientific training. They suggest the book Daniel’s Running Formula. Daniel’s provides scientifically based exercises that you can follow to make yourself faster. I ordered my copy today. In future posts I’ll let you know what I think.

2. Use psychological strategies. This is mental imaging and visualization and that sort of thing. I’ve written about imaging previously.

3. Become a biomechanist. While joggling a marathon you can save energy by drafting off other runners (run behind them so they block the wind). This saves you energy and can help you run faster. Also wearing something like Under Armour will help you run faster because it is more aerodynamic.

4. Lose some weight. No doubt about it. It’s easier to run faster when you weigh less. There is a limit to the benefit however as you can get too skinny. But I know I’m too fat. Check out the free BMI calculator to see where you are on the weight scale based on your height.

5. Take drugs. A legal one such as caffeine has been proven to improve marathon performance. They say take 5 mg per kg of body weight (about 300 – 400 mg).

6. Eat like a runner. Do some carbo loading before the race. Also, drink lots of water and sports drinks. Finally, there is some evidence that ingesting Creatine can improve your times. Hell, I’ll try it.

Getting older means you’ll be getting slower. But if you haven’t reached your peak performance than you can become a faster joggler. For my next marathon, I’m going to really try.

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  1. I don’t think you’re too fat! I’m not sure about this “creatine” idea either. I suppose it’s worth a try though. Anyway, you are definitely the cutest joggler I know (no offense to the other jogglers.:))

  2. I don’t think your too fat either. Have you considered doing some of your training without the juggling? I think your already an excellent juggler, but you may see some more impressive gains if you focus at least some of your training only on the running. But what do I know, I can’t even juggle more than 5 steps without a drop.

  3. Well, I don’t really think I’m too fat from a health standpoint. It’s just that from a speed standpoint, I’ve got a bit more weight than say the Kenyans or the Canadian jogglers of the world. A svelter, leaner joggler would run a bit faster with the same effort.

    Arcaner, that’s a pretty good idea of training without joggling. Perhaps I’ll do that with my speedwork workouts.

    John Kelly, good point. I’ll let you know if the book has any recipes for martinis

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