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New shoe review – Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6

I recently bought a new pair of shoes which means it’s time to retire the “old” ones. Here is a quick review of what I thought about my retired friends.Brooks shoes

Shoe Reveiw : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6

Size: shoe size 11.5 usa, 45.5 Euro, 10.5 UK, 29.5 cm

Cost: $98 (US)

Bought: July 3, 2006

Retired: October 7, 2006

Total Days: 96

Miles logged : 515

Cost per mile = 19 cents / mile

Overall Rating: 4 bean bags (out of 5)

These shoes worked pretty well and at a mere 19 cents a mile, they were quite a bargain. For comparison, my Reeboks were a whopping 27.5 cents a mile! When you’re buying shoes this is definitely something to consider.

This was my second or third pair of Brooks and I continue to be impressed with their work. The shoe is lighter and thinner than most which makes running and joggling in them a bit easier. They don’t have that bouncy, cushiony feel to them so some of you might find it a little hard on your legs. But as a runner who does much of his running on concrete sidewalks, they were cushiony enough. Over the 515 miles in these shoes, I had no leg problems to report.

The only real problem that I had with these shoes is that they smell bad. Strange really. I know that running shoes smell bad but these things retained the odor. You could smell them as you walked by. I was in an elevator with the shoes and was embarrassed because it just made the whole place reak! I’ve never had a pair of shoes smell this bad. I can’t say what it is but there was something about the fabric of these shoes that makes them more susceptible to picking up and retaining smelly odors than other shoes.

I liked these shoes and recommend them. But you might have to spray them down with some kind of odor absorbing product if you want to avoid ebarrassing elevator rides.

Before using them After 500 miles

Here’s some before and after pics in case you wonder what happens to shoes after 500 miles of running. Looks like they held up pretty well.

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