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Another odd ball joggling sport – Juggling Tae Bo

Jason Garfield is one of the best jugglers alive right now.  He’s also pretty funny (although I doubt he’s a fan of joggling)


Check out this parody of workout videos.  But despite the fact that it is done tongue-in-cheek he has some great juggling moves.

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  1. This is even funnier if you’ve ever seen Jason’s movie “Juggling Kung-Fu Master”. Not that I’m recommending you do this, at least not without (er) chemical support — it’s one of the worst movies ever made.

  2. wow – juggling tae bo…who would’ve thunk it?! i’m just impressed you posted a you tube video on your blog. that would probably take me years! thanks for helping me put site meter on my blog. it worked!

  3. Greg, I’ll have to see that one.

    Good work Karyn. I think posting a YouTube video is a bit easier on blogger. I’ll show you how sometime.

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