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Your Best Running Speed Might not be Faster

Getting faster is the dream/goal of most all runners. I know I’d like to be arunning and juggling joggling faster joggler. But according to this latest research out of Seattle Pacific University there is an optimal speed at which everybody runs. Unfortunately, this speed is different for everyone.

That means Usain Bolt is just naturally faster than you. In fact, if you tried to go as fast as him you wouldn’t be burning energy at your most efficient rate.

I’ve always believed that with enough training I could get faster. There’s nothing about this study indicating that’s not true. However, this does mean it will be harder for me than for a pro. Darn.

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  1. Good thing, cause I like distance vs. speed right now. I know I’ll never be the fastest at all.

  2. The study says that we each have a metabolically optimum pace (i.e., least energy consumed per distance travelled). But in a race, I’m not trying to run at my metabolic optimum—I’m trying to run at the fastest pace I can sustain for the distance. I’m pretty sure that Usain Bolt wasn’t running at his metabolic optimum when he smashed those records in Beijing. And it didn’t matter….

  3. Oh, and the study doesn’t say anything about whether or not we can change our metabolic optimum by training. I’d bet that we can.

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