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Bringing Back the Juggling and Running Streak

I haven’t mentioned it here, but I decided to revive my joggling streak.  You may remember the last joggling streak lasted from January 14, 2007 until April 3, 2008.  It got registered in the USRSA and everything.  I was quite pleased with my 444 juggling and running streak.

Why did the original streak end?

Originally, I stopped the running streak for the following reasons.

  1. My goal was 1 year and I already achieved it
  2. I liked ending on the number 444
  3. My running times had slowed since starting the streak
  4. I was in constant pain

Why start another joggling streak?

The reason to resume the streak is mostly because I missed it.  I missed the daily challenge of working in a workout.  I missed the purpose that the joggling streak provided.  Running is much more difficult (especially through a Chicago winter) when you have no specific goal.  My races are all a few months away and the joggling streak will keep me motivated and running.

What about the original reasons that you stopped?

The first two reasons were just goals.  They are easily solved by setting new goals.  Starting out, my goal will be to best my previous streak.  Then when I get there, I can re-evaluate.

The constant pain could’ve been the result of inadequate stretching or just too much running.  To solve this, I’ll do more stretching and run less.  Instead of averaging 5 miles a day, maybe 3 or 4 miles a day would be easier on my body.  And putting more 1.5 mile days in the week would be a good idea too.

Hopefully, these fixes will “fix” the pain and also my slowing times.  To help with my times, I’ll also increase my use of speed workouts.

We’ll see how it goes.

Joggling Streak Status

Began:  November 18, 2008
Days so far:  15
Miles so far:  44*

*Isn’t that just great!!

This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Good to hear you’re back in the groove.
    Slow times, constant pain, sheer boredom…

    Well, every kind of running has its ups and downs. Me? I simply run so that I can eat.

    The thing is that I’m on a long-term daily eating streak. But I do take days off from running, now and then. And I have to say, it shows…

  2. Hopefully, my body will fare better this time. I’m not running nearly as much…yet.

    I actually do this thing once a month where I don’t eat anything. In that way, you and I are a bit opposite.

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