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Could it be a new record?

Today marked the 28th day in a row that I’ve joggled. According to Michal, last year he had a streak of 27 days in a row, so that would make 28 days the record. But I’m looking for more than just this record. I’m looking to become the first joggler to enter the US Running Streak Association with the joggling streak.

I have to admit to a certain level of soreness. My legs have been killing me the last couple of days. Hopefully, the pain will go away before next weekend’s marathon.  Don’t be fooled by tales from marathon runners.  Running as much as I do is painful.  But it’s the kind of pain that reminds you you’re alive.  And that makes you appreciate the times when you are not in pain that much more.

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  1. Perry,

    Might have wanted to start that streak after the marathon. You are definitely on your own next Monday if you want to run after our marathon, which I am sure you will.

  2. I just finally looked at the Running streak website. Those guys are crazy. 38 years!!! FYI You already Qualify to Join. Any streak of any legnth and $20 lets you join. You get to be on the website after 1 year.

  3. Hmmmm. Yea I think starting the streak AFTER the marathon would have been a good idea too! LOL. What’s the minimum distance? I would suggest that this week.

  4. Brian, I’m going to wait until I have 1 year under my belt. Just paying $20 and joining would be like running the Boston Marathon without actually qualifying. It’s allowed, but it’s just not the same.

    Wes, the minimum distance is 1 mile. So far, this year I’ve been averaging just over 5 miles a day.

  5. Perry – Keep up the streak! You have inspired me to start several attempts at breaking my personal-best 27-day joggling streak. Unfortunately they have all been rudely interrupted by wori, family and — OK, I admit it — general lazyness.

    Good luck in Tampa.

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