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Different Ways To Think About the Distance of a Marathon

The Chicago Marathon will commence in 52 days. That’s 26.2 miles for those of you who were curious. Here are some other interesting ways to look at the marathon.

1 Marathon =

1660032 inches

42.165 kilometers

230.56 times up and down a football field

415,008 human tongues

32.94 times across the Golden Gate Bridge

1,405,497 American cockroaches laid end to end

19,530 Shequille O’Neals laid end to end

47.5 times up and down the Empire State Building

and Half-way across the Panama Canal

33,700 bean bag throws & catches

Other odd facts about this joggler

Did you know that I weigh the same as $956 in American Quarters?

But the best stat…I weigh the same as 44 chickens!

My GBallz joggling bean bags weigh the same as 20 sheets of paper.

For more wacky and weird conversions check out the Weird Converter

So, JYAJ community what is an interesting fact about you?

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  1. Perry! A marathon is 26 miles, 385 yards, which is 26.2185 miles! For most of your conversions, it doesn’t make much difference, but you’re short 30 metres, and those 30 metres matter!

  2. Steve, you must’ve crossed it a bunch of times right?

    Greg, you are correct! But I still weigh the same amount as 44 chickens.

    Vanilla, that’s cool.

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