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What You Should Be Eating Everyday

Here’s an article that purports to list the 8 foods you should eat everyday. They include the following on the list

Foods You Should Eat Everyday

1. Spinachjuggling and running carrots
2. Yogurt
3. Tomatoes
4. Carrots
5. Blueberries
6. Black Beans
7. Walnuts
8. Oats

Of the 8 foods, I’m a huge fan of Yogurt (Yoplait Whips are my favorite), Carrots (I once ate 3lbs in one night), and Blueberries (love ’em).

Most of the other foods are ok with me. Spinach, tomatoes, walnuts and oats are all fine. I’m not a big fan of black beans but maybe I’ll start eating some.

The nice part about the list is that they give alternatives to the ones you don’t like. So, here’s a revised list that this joggler can try to eat each day.

1. Yogurt
2. Carrots
3. Blueberries
4. Oats
5. Peanuts
6. Watermelon
7. Romaine lettuce
8. Peas?

I’m not sold on that last one. Does anyone know a good substitute for black beans?

Purpose of modifying your diet

With all the miles of running and juggling I do each week you would think I’d be in pretty good shape. And I probably am. However, I still weigh over 190 pounds which is 5 pounds more than my BMI says I should.  Not that BMI means much but most importantly…

a good way to increase your speed is to decrease your weight

Eating these foods once a day coupled with an overall reduction in calories should give me healthy weight loss and speed up my race times. I also hope it will reduce the pain felt every morning. Who knew running 40 miles + per week could be so painful?

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  1. Apples not on the list?
    I eat an apple a day. They fill you up and are very good for you.
    If you don’t like black beans try Pinto.

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