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Find What is Special About Your Favorite Number

As regular readers of JYAJ, you may have figured out that my favorite number is 44. I’mforty four actually a fan of numbers in general and was pleased to find this Archimedes-lab site.

In it, you can get answered the question you’re no doubt wondering, “what is special about my favorite number?”

Just go to the website and find out.

According to them, 44 is special because it is equal to the number of different ways in which 5 objects can be deranged. Here’s the full entry

44 is the number of derangements of 5 objects, or said in another manner, the number of different ways in which 5 people with 5 hats can each take the wrong hat…

= 122 – 102
= !5 = 5! (1-1/1!+1/2!-1/3!+1/4!-1/5!)

In the following equations x=44:
x2 + y2 = a2
y2 + z2 = b2
z2 + x2 = c2

So, what’s significant about your own favorite number? What you haven’t chosen a favorite number? Why not!? Don’t you know that everyone should pick favorites of everything?

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  1. My favorite number is 9. When I lived in England, my favorite soccer player (who shared my first name) on my favorite team wore the number 9. Plus, my birthday is Sep 9th (so 9/9). I didn’t pick my favorite number, it picked me.

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