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Joggling Goals for 2008

In yesterday’s joggling post I talked about what I did last year. This time I’m going to talk about what Ijoggling 2008 want to do this year.

Joggling races

This year I’d like to do 3 or 4 marathons. I’ve already registered for the London Marathon and will also do the Chicago Marathon. That means I’ll have to find a couple others. Maybe a late June and December marathon would be good. I’d also like to do another Ultra marathon. This time, I’ll actually try to joggle a 100 miler. I’ll also do a few more 5Ks and 10Ks this year to help improve my speed. Finally, I’d like to do a triathlon this year.

Increasing joggling speed

Speaking of speed, here are my speed goals for this year.

1. sub 3:10 marathon
2. sub 1:30 half marathon,
3. sub 40 min 10K,
4. sub 19 min 5K.

These would be PRs at all these distances. Perhaps it’s a bit too ambitious but if they were easy, they wouldn’t be very good goals.

Joggling mileage

Last year I joggled over 1800 miles. The year before I eclipsed 1500 miles. I’m toying with the idea of running and juggling 2000 miles but I’m not sure if I want to. Perhaps that will be my stretch goal. My target goal will be 1900 miles.

Losing weight

One way to get faster is to weigh less. Right now, I’m clocking in about 188 pounds. To reach my speed goals, I’ll need to be 10 – 15 pounds lighter. Previous years I’ve had a lot of success losing weight merely by writing down everything I eat and setting a calorie goal. That’s what I’ll do this year. Target 800,000 calories for the year. I would also like to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Other goals possibly effecting joggling

Here are a list of other goals I’d like to accomplish.
1. Balance a hat on my nose for over 1 minute.
2. Hold a handstand without the aid of a wall for over 1 minute.
3. Learn 10 new juggling tricks including Mills Mess
4. Do daily push-ups equivalent to the day of the year. (Today I did 1, tomorrow 2, etc)
5. Put together a juggling routine and post a video on YouTube.
6. Attend the IJA festival and compete in the joggling races.

Blogging goals

In addition to my joggling goals, I also want to get more accomplished with this blog. I’d like to make it the place for people interested in joggling to go and learn. I want to increase traffic to over 1000 visitors a day and also increase blog revenue significantly.

I don’t know if I’ll make all these goals but I find it’s helpful to just think about them, write them down, and look back at the end of the year as to whether I did them or not.

As Socrates says…

The unexamined life is not worth living

And neither is a non-joggling life.

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  1. I hope you enjoy London, Perry. And how could you not?

    It’s the best race in the world, even if I am a little biased.
    And even if I do hold my PR in Chicago …

  2. Mills Mess.

    Your hands can be crossed left over right (L), right over left (R), or uncrossed (U). In each of these three positions, you can throw with either your left (l) or right (r) hand. This give six possible throws: Ll, Ur, Rl, Rr, Ul, Lr. Mills Mess is simply these six throws, in the order shown, repeated.

    Or, looked at another way, starting with your hands crossed and alternating hands on each throw, you throw top, uncrossed, bottom from one side of your body followed by top, uncrossed, bottom from the other.

    All throws come from the sides of the body and go into the middle.

    Or, looked at yet another way, with lots more words and some nice pictures of Steve Mills:

    Have fun, with that and all your other goals,

    … running one more non-juggling marathon (New Orleans, February 24) then planning to give joggling a try.

  3. Wow…1900 miles – does that mean you’ll have to run every day again or just that your goal is to complete 1900 miles?!

  4. 4. Do daily push-ups equivalent to the day of the year. (Today I did 1, tomorrow 2, etc)

    Hmm, some time early in the summer, that is going to start to suck.


  5. One comment on the hat ballancing. MOVE YOUR FEET. Each of the 3 attempts on the video falls appart when the hat is falling sideways and you can no longer move your torso to correct it. You can move your torso much easier forwards and backwards vs. sideways. While ballancing, take lots of small adjustments with your feet to try to keep your body basically straight.

  6. Perry,
    I’ve been obsessed with learning mills mess since I took up juggling about 5 months ago.
    Looked at a lot of tutorials, which did not help a bit.
    (memorizing the route of each of the 3 balls and then combining it)

    For me, what worked — and I’m convinced that If I knew this method, I would manage Mills within a day, is the following method:

    Do an outside cascade.
    While doing it, do the odd under-the-arm throw.
    Once you make a throw under the arm every throw, you are doing Mill’s Mess.
    Continue like this, and eventually you’ll smooth out the patten.
    (I actually now manage to joggle doing mills, even though it messed up your rhythm)

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