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Happy Joggling Halloween

Today is Halloween, an excellent time to be someone you’re not.  Two years ago a friend of mine dressed up as “The Joggler” for Halloween.  It was really great.  She had the JYAJ logo and everything.

Usually, I go as a magician.  I know how to do a bunch of card tricks and other small, entertaining miracles.  It’s just lots of fun to do tricks.  If you are looking for costum ideas, think about going as a joggler.  You just need three bean bags and some running clothes.

This year, I’m going as myself.  That is, myself as I was when I was in college.  (See the picture).  I’ve even re-grown a beard to look authentic.  But the thing is itchy.  I’m shaving it off this weekend after the Halloween parties.

What’s your Halloween costume going to be?

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  1. Perry, you may or may not remember me, but this is exactly how I remember you! The floppy Cubs hat, Cubs windbreakrer, even the car! I just wanted to say hi, and you’ve done many amazing things since we last saw each other. Keep up the joggling!

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