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How to Live 12 Years Longer

In my quest to live to 107, I’m always looking for things to do that will improve my chances. 

According to this report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, you can reduce your biological age by up to 12 years just by maintaining your aerobic fitness.  The reason is that as you age you slowly lose your ability to efficiently use oxygen.  And the worse you get, the harder it is to do anything without becoming fatigued.  Interestingly, a person who is 60 is about half as efficient at using oxygen as someone who is 20.

The good news is that with regular aerobic exercise you can improve your efficiency.  Additionally, you’ll realize benefits such as

  • reduced risks of serious disease
  • faster recovery after injury or illness
  • improved muscle power, balance & coordination which reduces risks of falls (remember the odds of dying from falling were 1 in 246)

Fortunately, joggling is great aerobic exercise for both your mind and body.  If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?  Pick up three bean bags and get to it.

If you can’t juggle yet see these 25 free sources for learning to juggle.

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