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Joggling is Your Talent

This is part of a series of posts answering the oft asked question, “Why Do You Joggle?

Everyone in this world has their own special set of talents. They are inside you just waiting to come out.

why are you a joggler

Waiting for you to discover them. Unfortunately, your talents are like the red suit in the Greatest American Hero. You know you have these powers, but you have no instruction manual to tell you what they are or how to use them.

Some people never search for their talents. They live a thoughtless life being content to just make it through each day. They never try new things which may help unlock a hidden talent.

Find your talent

If you’re smart, you’ll spend your lifetime searching within yourself for these talents or superpowers. And when you find them, no matter how stupid they happen to be, it’s up to you to use those talents to go out and be great.

I didn’t chose to be good at joggling. I just discovered it one day because I thought it was funny. But now that I know I have this talent, it’s my responsibility to go out and be the best joggler I can be.

And if your talent is joggling, then you need need go out into the world and be great at it too.

Suppressing your joggling talent robs the world.

Do you have a talent beyond joggling? Leave a comment and let the other jogglers and runners in this world know.

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