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Joggling Skills 101 – How to Spit While Running

In the recent story about sweating while joggling, Flurpy pointed out that joggling has made it much harder for him to spit while running.  He says

Before joggling, I also spat (I’m a smoker), but with joggling, it is too hard to get the timing right. – maybe If I can do a decent 5-ball, I’ll be able to place the spit through the 4 or 5-ball position.

Well, spitting is a habit that many runners do to relieve the nasty feel that can build-up in your mouth while exercising. As Flurpy points out, it is very hard to get the timing right. Unless you know the trick to spitting while joggling. Watch this video to see how you do it.

[youtube= 425 350]

The skill of being able to throw one high and look away for a brief moment is an important one.  Work on it and you’ll become a much better joggler.

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  1. Perry: This is by far your best post. Now that you’re retired, you should make more of these videos. I just want to know who was filming you “spit joggling.”

  2. @Karyn: Thanks. The different cameramen can be seen in each clip. The wooden fence in the first half and the iron fence in the second. When Shannon takes her sabbatical maybe I’ll get her to help,

  3. I agree – we want more videos like that! You had a post of spitting about a year ago and I actually learned this technique from you.

    How about a video of some joggling parkour?

  4. Thanks for the video. I’m a chronic spitter when I run and while I agree that it’s funny, this actually represents a real problem for the joggler! The high throw iss probably the way to go, but I remember trying other methods out too with “mixed” results.

  5. Very funny.
    love the tune too.
    Would be even better with some slo mo.

    How about listing so doable tricks while joggling?
    I leant takeouts and burkes barrage today, and actually manage to do it while joggling too, for one or two throws.
    The takeouts is one I think one can use as a wave-back manuevre to say hi to someone. You don’t need to put the ball out of your viewing range.

    The one you do in the vid, I’m not comfy with yet – looking away, and hoping the high ball will land where intended.

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