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IJA Juggling Fest 2008 – Day 0

While here at the 61st annual IJA Fest in Kentucky, I thought you might be interested in some observations and experiences going on down here.  For the next week, this place will be the juggling capital of the world.

Day 0:  Drive down.

9:00  Leave Chicago for Kentucky
9:02  Regret not bringing sunglasses
9:24  Stop at McDonalds on Skyway & get McGriddle, Ice Tea, and hashbrown
9:26  Finish eating hashbrown
9:31  Finish eating McGriddle & drinking tea
9:45  Gas fill-up in Merriville.  Buy diet Coke
10:01 Finish drinking diet Coke
10:40 Stop at first rest area
10:50 Begin discussion about how to properly sell a house and other radical marketing notions
11:08 Listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
12:01 Listen to Car Talk
12:40 Radio station cuts out. Listen to music
1:10  Stop at rest area
1:14  Begin drinking Gatorade
1:23  Finish drinking Gatorade
1:48  Find new station with Car Talk.  Listen to the end.
2:05  Driving through Cincinnati.  Regret never living somewhere outside of Chicago
2:12  Find Billy Joel album release party on radio.
2:27  Station cuts out.  Listen to lame, repetitive pop songs
3:05  Enter Lexington
3:16  Make it to hotel & check in  (lose an hour)
4:45  Search for a place to eat.  Nearly everything in Kentucky is closed on Sundays
4:55  Have appetizers & ice tea at bar called Cheapskates.  Not bad.  Cheap.
5:35  Finish snack.  Go back to hotel
5:47  Do Yoga.  Use towels instead of yoga mats
6:21  Finish yoga.
6:42  Take a shower
7:05  Finally get on Internet
7:23  Play ukulele songs, Dancing in the Moonlight, Across the Universe, Vacation
7:48  Out to dinner and Dasha’s
7:52  Make funny joke with waiter after tells us his catch of the day.  “You caught it?”
7:55  Drink ice tea.  Eat corn bread.
8:03  Eat French Onion Soup
8:06  Finish soup.  Ponder about how fast I eat.
8:16  Dinner is served.  Chicken cordon blue for me.  My bride has steak.
8:24  Begin conversation that makes me sound like an elitist snob
8:45  Finish dinner.  Sound like less of an elitist snob
9:02  Back to hotel room.
9:15  Work on building internet empire & crafting a competitive fantasy baseball team.
11:49  Get in bed & watch poker
12:28  asleep

No joggling for me this day but I’m heading out there today.

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