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A South African Joggling Anecdote

Did you know that joggling is enjoyed all over the world?south africa juggling

Here’s a story that comes to us from Hendrik in South Africa. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet him when I joggle the Comrades Marathon in 2009 or 2010.

I was joggling with my ear phones on, and a smart dressed lady ran me in from far behind shouting to try to get my attention. (couldn’t hear her until she almost caught up)

When she caught up, she told me about a church fund raising day, and she asked me if i’ll be willing to teach the kids how to juggle or joggle as an activity to keep them busy.I figured that if she went through the effort of running me in dressed in highish heels, I cannot say no, even though I’m not religious. I think she had a much more difficult run, and maybe she should do a kiddies activity thing herself. So maybe in two weeks time, I’m recruiting more jogglers 😉

More jogglers! That’s exactly what the world needs. Thanks Hendrik.

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