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Is multitasking deflating your motivation?

One thing you’ll often hear while joggling is a comment along the lines of “Now that’s multitasking!” or “Wow, talk about multitasking”.  Yes, running and juggling is naturally abeach joggling multitasking activity.  Really, juggling itself is multitasking.

But according to researchers in the psychological sciences, it is not good to multitask.  In fact, they say that people were not made to multitask.  Recently published research found that multitasking leads to frustration that can cause you to drop all of your goals and desire only sleep.

This sounds like nonsense to me, but I believe very little that I read in the area of psychology.  It’s a real “soft” science.  I know I find joggling to be completely motivating, much more than just running or juggling alone.  Perhaps I’m a bit odd (eccentric), but I don’t think so.  I say you should combine as many activities as you can.  You only get so much time on this Earth and you don’t want to fritter it away on single tasks when you can comfortably multitask.

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  1. That explains why I fall asleep at dinner when the kids are talking to me 😉 Parents learn to multitask at an early age!

  2. Perry you’re truly unique. Most guys can’t multi task. BTW – is that picture from your recent cruise? Perhaps taken on the island of Tortola?

  3. That picture is actually from St. Marteen (St. Martin). Shannon wasn’t feeling too well that day so I had to drink all her rum punch. I was hammered.

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