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Obscene distances

This weekend’s training will require me to cover 40 miles of joggling in three days. I’ve gotta tell you that the thought of this seemed a little daunting. Then my good pal sent me this link to the 3100 mile race. These atheltes attempt to complete 3100 miles in under 51 days. The most impressive part is that they complete the whole thing on a course that is just over a half mile long! That means they’re doing 120 laps everyday for 51 days in a row. Talk about amazing.

So, when you’re out there joggling along your usual path take a moment to think about the runners in the 3100 mile race. That’s what I’ll be thinking about while I do my 20 miler. Perhaps 20 won’t seem quite so far anymore.

Ya know, the other thing I will be thinking…don’t these people have jobs?

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