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Is This Marathon Runner Lucky or What?

Last weekend was the 10th annual Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. A great marathon if you like hills, heatjuggling and running heart and a 23rd mile that takes you out of the state! Actually, it’s well organized and joggler friendly as I had a fabulous time doing it about 5 years ago.

Turns out, it was also a fortunate marathon for 55-year-old Bobby Edwards. In the 10th mile of the race, he collapsed suffering a heart attack.

Of course, the heart attack isn’t the fortunate part. That was the fact that he was running in front of a group of paramedics and firefighters. They saw him collapse and immediately started CPR. He was stabilized, brought to the hospital and is now on the road to recovery.

And while Edwards didn’t finish the race, Patrick Conrey and the other paramedics that helped did. Now those are dedicated runners!

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  1. The course has actually changed, we ran into KY first, which was great, the final miles are a straight shot back downtown. The hills turned out to be not so bad for me and the weather this year was perfect, not too hot and not to cold!

  2. That’s great Mary. You should be proud.

    Heidi, congrats on completing the marathon. And I think it was a good move they made by switching to going into KY first. It was so disheartening to finish by leaving the state.

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