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Propel Yourself to Joggling Greatness

The good folks at Gatorade just sent me a link to their latest commercial for Propel Fit Water. You can see the short 30 second clip here.

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I’ve actually tried Propel water and it’s pretty good. At 25 calories per bottle, it’s significantly lower than regular sports drinks and many vitamin water products. That means you get all the vitamins and electrolytes from this stuff, without having to joggle an extra 2 miles to burn it off.

That’s right. Joggling burns about 130 calories per mile and one bottle of most sports drinks is about 250 calories.

So, why not just drink water? Well, you can but that gets a bit boring because there is no flavor plus a few extra water-soluble vitamins may make running (or recovery) easier.

Go ahead and try Propel. I’m curious what you think.

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  1. I love Propel. I got one of their little powder packets that you add to your bottle of water as a mix-in after a race. I love the flavor of the Berry one so I drink it a lot, mostly because it just tastes so much better than plain water.

  2. I have just started drinking Propel and at first thought it was a little too sweet. However, I’ve found when it’s very cold it loses that over sweet taste. You can also get different types, ie., calcium, vitamins, etc., so I feel with that extra bonus and very low calories, it is nice change from water.

  3. Jim, keep up the good work with Propel. It’s certain to break out of it’s niche and begin growing. At least it’s got more of a reason to exist than the hundreds of brands of bottled water.

  4. But Propel has nasty fake sugar that isn’t good for you and has an aftertaste. I’ll stick with water and maybe a gel if I need energy.

  5. Not sure I agree with the “nasty fake sugar that isn’t good for you” but I do see your point about the aftertaste.

    Can you direct me to some peer reviewed scientific research suggesting the sugar substitute they use in Propel is bad for you?

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