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Joggling Journal – Running Streak Day 86

Day 86 of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: I spent 9 hours at Animal Kingdom before I could get my joggling run in. There is a nice trail around the resort property, so I just ran around it. While the problems of cold weather are gone, I’m reminded of the challenges of hot weather running. Today’s biggest issue…my headphones falling out of my ears. There’s little more annoying than constantly having to adjust your headphones. If the new book I’m “reading” (Brave New World) wasn’t so darn interesting, I’d joggle in silence.


Distance: 2.7 mi (Around the resort 1.5 times)

Time: 6:28 pm

Run time: 22:25

Listening to: Radio Lab + Brave New World

Weight: ??

Drops: 0

Condition: Felt tired. Leg muscles were sore.

Shoes: New Balance

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  1. Darn headphones come out with sweat. I learned that during my first half marathon joggling race, so I didn’t use them in my recent marathon. Doing the half marathon was a good confidence booster and it allowed to do learn 3 things that helped me in the marathon: 1) loose the headphones to be more accessible, intuned to body, and less worried about them coming out, 2) relax and deal with crowds easier, 3) lower the bib so it doesn’t “catch” against my hands when I toss.

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