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It’s World Juggling Day Today!

What are you waiting for!??

world juggling day celebrateGet out there and let the world know that you are a juggler.

I did my part spending 2 full hours out in sunny Chicago joggling around town.

If you need some ideas on what to do, check out these 5 ideas on celebrating World Juggling Day.

Just Juggle.

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  1. I celebreated with a personal-best for 5 balls. I didn’t count catches but it was about five minutes. Now if I can do that for a whole marathon, that’s a mere 12 drops per hour.

  2. I juggled in the park until sundown. Whenever curious people approach me I ask them if they can juggle or would they like to learn. I met a man named Mousa from Niger and a gentleman from Vietnam. Mousa’s english was very good, but the other fellow was difficult to understand. The guy from Vietnam could juggle 3 balls and he attempted to juggle 3 clubs. Several other people came up and attempted some juggling.

    At sundown a guy came out and put on an impromptu fire eating performance. This was a special treat because street performers are rare in my city, Greensboro, NC.

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