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Joggling for College Credit?

Hey all you running jugglers out there, you thought this joggling thing would never amount to much? Well, check out this college joggling course that Dedwarmo found. I didn’t think it was serious until I read through the web pages. Indeed, it is (or at least was) a real coursejoggling college at the College of Micronesia.

Benefits of Joggling

According to the syllabus, here are some of the benefits of joggling.

1. Joggling strengthens the mind’s ability to handle the multi-dimensionality of life.

2. Joggling gives indoor running more purpose.

3. Joggling burns more calories than any other aerobic activity except swimming the butterfly.

4. Joggling tones more muscles than running.

The course was conducted by mathematics professor Dana Lee Ling. Looks like he picked up joggling during the 1990’s at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Maybe I’ll see if I can get my old alma mater to offer a course like this. I could be available for joggling instruction on the weekends, right?

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  1. Where the heck is the College of Micronesia? I suspect you couldn’t find it either since you didn’t link to it. Figures that the professor was from U of I too…weirdo! 🙂

  2. Perry – I don’t think you need more things to do on the weekends. You’re already overbooked! You would make an excellent professor though – perhaps see how much it pays.:)

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