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Joggling Can Improve Your Sleep

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

The other night, I was lying in bed, wide awake at 2:34 am.  After being amused by the consecutive number, I closed my eyes and tried hard to get back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t.  Insomnia had taken over.  This rarely happens so I wondered what might be the problem.  It turns out, it could be my recent lack of joggling.

According to this recent research, moderate aerobic exercise like running or joggling, can improve your sleep quality.

The research team took 36 patients who reported insomnia and separated them into 4 groups as follows.

  1. Moderate aerobic exercise
  2. Heavy aerobic exercise
  3. Moderate strength exercise
  4. Control

It turns out the people in the moderate aerobic exercise group experienced a significant increase in total sleep time, sleep efficiency and a reduction in anxiety.  (No word on how the heavy aerobic group or the moderate strength group did).

Anyway, this just goes to show you, if you’re having trouble sleeping put yourself on an exercise program.  And the exercise of choice around JYAJ is joggling.

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  1. That’s totally happened to me — anytime I cut out exercise, I don’t sleep as well as I do when I am exercising regularly.

  2. There was a plus side to not being able to sleep. I had this idea for a story so I started writing it in my head. When I woke up, I went and wrote it down and now have 2500 words of a novel written. It’s not good but it’s words on paper (or computer screen as it were)

  3. Have found it somewhat common to have a bit of trouble sleeping when transitioning from 60-65 mi training weeks (right before a race) back down to 40-45 mi weeks. Yet as mom to 4 energetic & creative young tykes, I try to recognize sleeplessness right away so I don’t waste any time lying there wondering when sleep will once more overtake me. I identify w/ writing stories in my head…have done this more than once. Of course, most often I go ahead and get up and start writing – lose too many ideas when I wait. More commonly, I formulate ideas for paintings I’m working on or for those I want to begin. So, all that to say, I definitely find exercise helps w/ preventing sleeplessness. But when I exercise and still have some sleeplessness, it’s nice to have something useful come from it.

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