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Joggling Streak – Day 87

On a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: Motivation to workout has been hard to come by on this trip. Sure, I love joggling, but trying to do it after 7 or 8 hours at an amusement park is tough. That’s why I love the joggling streak. No matter how I feel, my dedication to the streak gets me out running. I did a slightly longer workout today. I’m woefully undertrained for the marathon that is just over 4 weeks away. In fact, my longest run has only been about 9 miles. I’ll get a few longer runs in next week but that’s about it. No idea how it will go in Las Vegas.


Distance: 5.5 mi (3 laps around Caribbean resort)

Time: 5:30 pm

Run time: 47:52

Listening to: Brave New World

Weight: ? lbs

Drops: 1 – Threw up a ball to wipe sweat and hit a tree.

Condition: Felt good but tired and unmotivated. Shins hurt a bit.

Shoes: New Balance

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