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Joggling Takes Over the Airways

Well, perhaps “takes over” is a bit of a stretch but there have been a few media outlets that were interested enough in the recent 50-mile joggling world record that they didjoggling some interviews.

Joggling on TV

I have my sister to thank for setting this one up. She happened to know someone at the TV station and sent them a press release. The reporter Vince Gerasole and his camera person Lana were great to work with. I must’ve joggled up and down my street about 15 times. I wonder if I should count it towards my joggling total for the year? hmmm.

Anyway, to see the 2 minute TV story CLICK HERE!

Joggling on the radio

Last year I did a two-part radio interview on the Nick Digilio show. It was amusing and they told me to keep in touch. So, when I broke the record they were the first ones that I called.

To hear the 10-minute radio interview CLICK HERE!

What’s next

For the most part the joggling season is over this year. After you’ve spent a lot of time pursuing a goal and then achieving it, you might experience a little let-down. To get over these feelings you’ve just got to take a little break, then set new goals. Fortunately, I’ve still got the joggling streak and the goal to complete 44 marathons to keep me motivated.

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  1. hey just saw the video news story by searching on the net! congratulations! i can only run for 30 minutes and definetly not 8 hours of juggling with just 4 drops!! thats impressive!

  2. You’re in Sports Illustrated too!! Yesterday on the plane my dad pulled a page out and and brought it up to us asking if this was our blogging friend…and it was!

    I snapped a photo and posted it on my blog (via phone) before taking off. It’s a little blurry, but it’s you!!!


  3. Wow, that’s great! I heard from a couple of friends about the Sports Illustrated thing. I have no idea how that happened as no one contacted me. No matter, being mentioned in Sports Illustrated is really cool.

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