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Juggling Running Reports from Around the World

We haven’t done one of these juggling runners in the news segments in a joggler-joe-wellingwhile. Here are a few joggling stories I’ve collected over the last few weeks.

1. Joe Welling (a.k.a Joe the Juggler) successfully completed the St. Louis Half Marathon in November. Impressively, he joggled the entire way with clubs and only had 3 drops! Great going Joe. We are going to have an interview with him coming soon.

2. Don’t know if I mentioned it but Michal pointed out that picked up the Reuters joggling article they did about me and my joggling. There was also another joggling story about yours truly in this news outlet. Best of all, they spelled my name right!

3. Finally, here’s a story that comes to us from South Africa. It seems Hendrik’s joggling was noticed and mentioned in a magazine. Here’s what Hendrik reports.

I’ve done about 15 joggling races, most 21k since your website introduced me to the sport. (And unicycling, which is at present taking up most of my excercise time. I’ve completed races of 44km ,58 and did 66 of a 77 race. (bailed when the wind got too strong)

2 kays into my usual joggling route, I’m out of town running in the mountain courtryside of the Karoo Worcester, South Africa. Along the route, I pass lakes and even a private game reserve which has the African Big Five, so it is very scenic, and very quiet.

A guy named Trevor Daly started a bakery which he set up on a hill in the Veld from where he is baking home made bread for his bakery called Daly Bread.

South Africa’s biggest outdoor, leisure, holiday magazine did an article on his business and lifestyle in it’s April edition, and it even features some joggling.

I’ll quote directly from it:

“… Trevor made himself a cup of coffee. Across the valley, the neighbours had begun their day. Three Russian woman were shouting at their dogs. A tour bus pulled up at the gates of a game reserve from where he’d heard lions roaring the night before. Up the road came his favourite entertainment – a short, dumpy man who jogs while juggling three colourful balls. Trever was tempted to Wave.”

I have never been described as a SHORT DUMPY MAN, at least not to my knowledge.

My first reaction was: “I’m 5’11’, I’m not short!” And I’m less than 190 pounds, so I’ll argue about the dumpy as well.

Great story Hendrik.

If any of you have any joggling or wacky marathon stories in please leave a comment or send them along to my email address listed at the top.

Joggle on!

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  1. Perry, I notice an error on the write-up. I’m not less 90 pounds, but 90 kg’s. It is about 182 pounds. 90 pounds would make me short.

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