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Mistakes to avoid when joggling indoors

The weather in Chicago in January is crummy. It’s grey, cold and windy. And by cold, I mean 14F (-9C). It’s like being shot at with a needle filled Uzi. Not pleasant. And while wearing some Under Armour skivvies, gloves and a hat on a weekend joggle is fine, duringjuggling treadmill outdoor workout the week indoor treadmill work is more in order.

Yesterday, was a 6-mile tempo workout and Monday was 7-mile marathon pace run. Both done on the treadmill. I still feel out of shape but I’m getting my miles in and should be ready to go for the Tampa Bay marathon in February.

4 Indoor Workout Tips

Indoor workouts are a bit different than outdoor ones and not just because of the controled weather. There is a certain type of etiquette that is expected. This article over at Abilene Reporter News gives some guidelines to avoid fitness faux pas in the gym.

  1. Clean up your sweat. No one wants to be around your sweat and they certainly don’t want to have to clean it up themselves. Do everyone a favor and wipe off the machines! Also, wipe off the machines next to yours if your sweat flies over on them.
  2. Keep it quite. Grunting is part of working out but this isn’t the French Open and you aren’t Venus Williams. Try to keep noise to a minimum. Sure it’s not the library but other people don’t want to hear your grunts, phone conversations, or singing. And if you’re lifting weights, don’t let them slam down when you let go.
  3. Don’t hog the machines. When other people are waiting, feel free to cut your workout a little short. 30 minutes on a treadmill is as long as you should go if other people are waiting.
  4. Dress appropriately. I guess I should stop working out without a shirt. Sorry ladies. Seriously, this isn’t your home. Put on some decent workout clothes. And in the dressing room, no one wants to see you naked. Put a towel on!!

And these couple extra would be good for jogglers and jugglers to follow.

  1. Stay inconspicuous. Ok, you’re juggling so people are going to look. But they are not there to see a juggling show. Stay focused on your joggling workout. Finding a quiet corner of the gym or an isolated treadmill is a good idea.
  2. Watch your balls. You’re a juggler who never misses right? Yeah, just like every other juggler in the world. Well, be cognisant of where the bags might end up if you drop them. You don’t want someone to get hurt and then be banned from joggling in the gym.

Indoor workouts are great during the winter. Follow these tips to keep it fun for everyone.

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