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Slipping Discipline

Now all my leagues are over and I can finally start focusing a bit more on running and joggling. It has been a pretty weak week. It started out ok. Monday was just short of a 4 mile run at a 6:58 mile pace and Tuesday was a 5 mile run at a 6:58 pace. But then on Wednesday I played basketball & volleyball instead of running and I had no time on Thursday. I’ve really got some make-up work to do this weekend. 8 today, 12 tomorrow, 20 on Sunday and I’ll feel a lot better. Sure, I might get a bit tired and maybe some chafing but I’ll follow my own chaf preventing tips and I should be good.

Unfortunately, it looks like the weather is still going to be in the high 80’s and 90’s. Training in the heat is rarely fun.

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