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The Great Midwest Relay – Hour 7 and 8 – Juggling and Running without balls

I’m up next. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a couple of my joggling bags!! I now have to run with a completely new set and they’re not even Gballz.

Oh well. I’ll do the best I can. It’s getting pretty dark (9:00). I’m wearing a green light and will be running on trails. Hopefully, I wont get hit by any deer. A runner in one of the last legs on a different team got bumped by one. That reminds me of Newport.

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  1. We are thinking about all of you running in the relay. We wish all of you good luck. Hi John. Perry, thanks for the updates on the race-of course John probably said-she has no clue what I’m talking about-I can picture him. Good Luck! The Kellys

  2. PR,
    I think you meant this reminded you of Charleston, not Newport. That is where the great deer incident of 2006 happened.

    Also, at this point van 1 had all completed their first legs. We were enjoying a nice dinner at the same irish pub that van 2 visited earlier. We then went to purchase some bug spray and headed to the next transfer area in the hopes of catching some sleep. We were not too successful though – too many other vans and loud people. I was hoping that I would be able to sleep sometime during this race!

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