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The Great Midwest Relay – hour number 3 Bowling in WI

hour number 3

We finished lunch and made it to our first transition point. According to Van 1 we are in “last place”. Sounds like a bit of an exaggeration.

We didnt know what we were going to do until we saw the Lake Mills Lanes….Bowling! I’ve never run a race like this.

My first ball hits the pocket…leaves the ten pin standing. Miss the spare. I’m a juggler not a bowler.

strike on ball number 3!

It occurs to me that Brian Lopez is just starting on his long 7 mile run. Poor guy… Oooh, I’ve just hit my second strike!

We go on to win game one. Our team together rolled 121, 123, 148. In game two, we lost despite my game high 189 which featured a run of 4 strikes in a row. Maybe I am a bowler.

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