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The Great Midwest Relay- Hour 6 Finally in the race

Hour number 6 – We’re in the race

Michelle was the first person from our van to run. It was only 3 miles so we had to get to the hand-off area pretty quickly. The instructions are good but they aren’t quite perfect. For the second time we made a wrong turn. Did you ever try to do a road trip with only written instructions as your guide? It’s tough.

But we made it to the next stop about 10 min before Michelle. We welcomed her in with some juggling and she handed off to my brother Paul.

He finished his 3.4 mile leg in under 24 min. In the last quarter mile I joggled along side him to coax him in.

Now, birthday boy John Kelly is running his first 6 mile leg. I think I’ll go get another round of group juggling going. I’m anxious to run.

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