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The Great Midwest Relay – hour number 4 Waiting with a Uke

Hour 4
After the great bowling outing it was time to wait, and wait and wait. There is a lot of waiting during these relay races.

I juggled a bit more just to keep fresh and put on my running clothes, black spandex shorts, white, dri-fit ‘We’ve Got Balls’ t-shirt, white cotton socks, a weathered DePaul University baseball cap, and my trusty Brooks Adrenaline.

To pass time we watched the other runners finish. I got out my ukulele and played various tunes as they came in. My playlist consists of classics like ‘Vacation’, ‘Runaround Sue’, and ‘Only the Good Die Young’.

We met up with our second van and chatted with them for a few minutes. Then our 6th runner Mora came in as ‘Me and Bobbie McGee’ strummed. Then we were off to the next station.

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