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Three days to finish your 2006 goals

Yup, did 8 miles joggling yesterday which means there’s only 26 more miles to go to get the 1500 mile/year goal. Planning to joggle 7 today and finish the rest off this weekend. I hope the weather is good.

Oh yes, happy birthday to my youngest brother! Keep on training (or at least start). We’ve only got 8 more weeks until the Tampa Bay Marathon.

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  1. Hey Perry,

    This isn’t about joggling, but another one of your loves, cards…We are having guests on New Years’ Eve and we’ll play “Oh Hell” for sure, BUT, I don’t know how to keep score. Could you fill me in.

    Thanks, Marmee

  2. Certainly Marmee,

    Oh Hell scoring goes like this.

    If you miss your bid you get ZERO points.

    If you make your bid you get 10 points + the number you bid.

    So, if you bid 3 tricks and you win 3, you get 13 points.
    If you bid 0 and make 0, you get 10 points.

    Blind bidding is a bit more complicated but not too bad.

    10 points for making + (5 x the number of tricks) + # of tricks

    So, 3 bid blind wins 10 + (5 x 3) + 3 = 28

    The only difference is 0 blind where you get 15 points.

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